Business Management Systems

Business Management Systems and Customer Relationship Management Systems

Many businesses start life using manual systems and processes such as paper files, diaries and spreadsheets and soon find that these systems are no longer efficient and more time is spent on paperwork than on actually running the business.

With our Customised Business Management Systems we want to put you back in control of your business and improve your efficiency through automation with our integrated Customer Relationship Management System (CRM).

Our systems are fully customised to your business needs and can be used to simplify a multiple of tasks including

  • customer management
  • record keeping
  • business specific tasks
  • invoicing and accounts
  • real-time reporting and information
  • and much more, reducing duplication of tasks and time spent on administration.

Our clients are varied ranging from single one person operations through to multi-million pound SME’s in a range of sectors from manufacturing, importing, sales, health, leisure and more.

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“We gave Compusolve the task of designing a bespoke automated survey reporting system for our sales team with the ultimate goal of producing documents which were consistent across a range of users with a wide range of IT skills. Documents which were to be adaptable for use with a range of products and a range of customers from “own branders” to the Xtralite branded range, yet concise enough to ensure the customer is fully aware of the product specification, quantities required, the area of the building the products are to be located and importantly the work specification required to ensure the product works with the location. In effect a communication tool which defines the Customers and Xtralite’s needs to ensure the right product is delivered, to the right place, in the right time, as economically as possible.”

“Easy to work with, the team at Compusolve worked closely with Xtralite to develop the XSurvey System which undoubtedly “ticked all the boxes”. They quickly grasped the complexities of the product offering to develop a simple to use tool which has unquestionably raised the professionalism of Xtralite to a much higher level as well providing a time saving of upto 50% in the production of their survey reports.”

Jim Lowther, Sales Director, Xtralite (Rooflights) Ltd