Bespoke Software Development

A Bespoke Software Solution is a purpose built piece of software designed specifically for your needs and to solve a particular problem.

The solution can take the form of a desktop application, a web based solution, a mobile application, a database or a combination of all.

It can be anything from a simple tool for managing a database to a comprehensive multi-tiered functional application.

Vs Off-the-shelf

Off-the-shelf software is designed for mass market, multi-user and to satisfy varying requirements and as such tends to offer the most common functionality required.

A bespoke software solution however is tailor made with the specific requirements of your business offering full flexibility and avoiding unnecessary work arounds.

A well designed bespoke solution should increase productivity, reduce wasted time and therefore let you focus on the key areas of the business.

The Process

A Bespoke Software Solution is purpose built to meet a specific need.

In order to ensure that the bespoke system is fit for purpose, the development cycle includes several phases.


One of the most important parts of developing a bespoke software solution is the planning. We will start with an initial consultation to broadly establish your requirements, how your business works and if indeed a bespoke software solution is the answer.

Following our initial consultation we will go away and put together a proposal, outlining the proposed solution including the structure, timescales and costs. Providing all parties are in agreement with the proposal we will proceed to the next step.


The design phase is a critical part of the development process, it is not just about how the end product will look, but more importantly the ins and outs of what the system needs to do.

We will spend time with you going through your existing processes in detail and document the proposed solution, identifying the required functionality, processes and rules which need to be implemented into your new system.


Once the design has been finalised the development starts. This is where the software is actually built and initial issues are resolved.


When the software has all of its desired functionality, it is tested to make sure things work as expected.

Once the system has gone through internal testing, a version of the software will be given to you, the client, for User Acceptance Testing (UAT). This is your opportunity to identify any issues or make any final adjustments.


If you encounters any issues we can provide additional support or organise maintenance for the new software when needed.

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