Password Management

What is a Password Manager?

An offline password manager securely stores and syncs your sensitive data locally on your enabled devices.
Many people find it difficult to remember passwords, which leads to highly unsecure habits. Witting passwords down, spreadsheets filled with users passwords or plain text files available to anyone to stumble across. Even those that use secure passwords frequently reuse the same ones over and over, risking a severe data breach should the password become compromised.

A Password Manager removes the stress and confusion of passwords and multi-factor authentication whilst ensuring they are protected.

Safely Stored Passwords

Passwords are securely stored which makes it difficult for hackers to view and steal your data.

Across Devices

Encrypted passwords sync end-to-end between devices. Tokens can be linked to passwords meaning you can share them without the usual complications.

Share Access

Provide others with secure access to accounts without having to reveal passwords. Revoke access when an employee leaves you.

Auto-fill MFA Tokens

Store and automatically enter multi-factor authentication tokens. Tokens can be linked to passwords so you can share them without the usual complications.