Cyber Security

What is a Cyberthreat?

Cyberthreats come in various forms and can cause serious damage to a business.
These are just a few of the most common.

A form of attach where fraudulent emails or texts are sent to users hoping to trick them into providing sensitive information, such as bank details.

Spear Phishing

Similar to a Phishing attack, however, this attack targets a specific user, organisation or business.


Malicious software that is used to harm a computer. This includes worms, viruses, Trojans and spyware.


A type of malware that prevents the user from accessing their files, usually by encrypting them. This form of attack is often accompanied by a demand for payment.

Social Engineering

This kind of attack relies on human interaction in order to trick users into breaking security policies or procedures so they can acquire sensitive information.

Man-in-the-middle Atacks

Frequently referred to as eavesdropping attacks, these involve an attacker intercepting communications between two users.

How Can You Protect Against Cyberthreats?

Cyber Security is the protection of hardware, software and data from cyberthreats.
Ransomware Detection

Ransomware Detection from Datto detects ransomware and isolates the affected device from the network to prevent it spreading.

Antivirus Software

Antivirus software prevents, detects and removes malware. Once installed the software is unobtrusive and runs automatically.

Cyber Security Training

When users understand the risk cyberthreats pose and how to identify them, they can act accordingly to prevent them form harming your business.

Browser Protection

Browser Protection conducts real-time analysis on web pages and user activity to detect and block actions that could result in a data breach.

Password Management

Ensuring that strong passwords are set and stored securely makes it far more difficult for hackers to access your sensitive data.

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